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Our Background

Akademi Usahawan Progresif Malaysia Sdn Bhd ( Akademi AUPM)  is a Professional Education Academy that provide learning opportunities and professional pathway for  both young and established entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Our Service

Akademi AUPM offer Professional Diploma, Executive Diploma and Professional Bachelor Degrees  programmes from reputable universities in Malaysia. In addition, we also offer coaching and training programmes to people who seek to learn new entrepreneurial   skills and knowledge to improve their business.


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Our Collaboration

Akademi Usahawan Progresif Malaysia Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Universiti Malaya. 

UNIVERSITI MALAYA, for the purpose of this collaboration is represented by the Universiti Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed) and having its address at Level 9, Wisma R&D Universiti Malaya, Jalan Pantai Baharu, 59990 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Where knowledge is applied and dream realized

We have networks of collaboration partners across Malaysia. We will continue to strive towards educational excellence and offer wide range of education courses. We are committed in ensuring our students gain the skills needed for their workplace and to achieve their career goals with our university courses. 

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our integrated services

Brief Career Coach

We act as your brief career coach and provide career guidance for selection of suitable programs to study. This brief counselling process will help to crystalize, enhance and improve your programs selection in line with your future career goals.

Introduction and Counseling

Introduction and counseling our prospective students on areas related to selection of course with university choice according to budget, future career preference, personal interest and results of exams available. 


We provide services in finding and matching available suitable accommodation needs with places to stay. These will be most needed during periods of study for students from outstation.

Campus Tour
Group campus tour will be organized to potential students to help them understand more about the facilities and environment of the university. Group tour with each trip to have a minimum of 3 students in one group.
Expert Guidance

Learned from reputable and professional coaches.  We have the industry expert that can provide our students with the insight view of the industry. These are important guides for them in building their career.

Together We Build Your Career

Join our network of alumni, list of practitioners and master coaches partners, with wide spectrum of entrepreneur locally and abroad.

Let Us Help You

We are the trusted learning partner of leaders and managers at every stage of their career journey. 

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